FAQ - Frequent Questions, All-Day Answers

When will the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask be available?


How much will the All-Day Adventure Flask cost?

The expected MSRP is $85, however, our early backers will receive a discount. 

How much does the All-Day Adventure Flask weigh?

The total weight of the AF is 29.21oz (828g)

Flask weight without internal components (thermal core, strainer, and steel filter basket) is 23.03oz (653g)

Why crowdfunding?

It’s rad! It makes it possible for us to deliver you an amazing product. The crowdfunding campaign will also help fund our initial inventory. If all goes well, we can go right back in design mode to start creating you the next generation of outdoor gear.

Why is this taking so long?

There are a lot of major costs in creating not just innovative gear but gear built to last. When we launch we will have already completed all of our tooling and molds, sampling and small batch production. Tooling is basically the stuff that makes the stuff - it's pricey. Sampling helps us test our designs and tweak our molds and tools to make a better product. Our small batch production run (50 units) we can get a better hold on quality and work out the kinks. So rest assured, that by the time we reach crowdfunding we will be ready to go full send for ya!

Do you guys have an ambassador program?

Yes, and it's super easy, just sign up here!