Road Trippin&
Road Trippin&
Road Trippin&
Road Trippin&
Road Trippin&
Road Trippin&

Road Trippin'

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Rise & grind! Craft all of your favorite beverages in your 32 oz. All-Day Adventure Flask. Voted "Best Tailgating Gear of 2022" by Outside Magazine.

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As I sat down to write this review with my first Hibear coffee, (my first pourover, too, as I’ve been a French press lass since always) I was so distracted by the coffee’s smoothness that I lost all train of initial thought regarding what I wanted to say. This is the second time today that I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this wonderful gadget. I made nettle tea about an hour ago and I was amazed by the fullness of the brew. I could never get this kind of fullness in a dinky teabag or even a teapot.

I work as a petsitter and I stay in my client’s homes. I often drag French presses, teapots, and other kitchen accouterment to their homes. The versatility of this thing is phenomenal— it reduces how many items I need to pack. One of my clients doesn't have many dishes, and I was able to use the sleeve to serve my morning oatmeal. (NOTE: I DIDN’T put the sleeve in the microwave.)

I got Road Trippin’, and while it’s lovely (& it color-coordinates with my phone case), I kinda wish I got a Nite Hike with a purple sleeve, as that suits my personality a little more (and I love the mountain art under the sleeve).

& Hibear’s customer support is very helpful! Something went wrong with my original filter and it wouldn't close properly, and reporting the defect to get a replacement was very easy.

I appreciate the multi-functionality of this bottle so much that I was brought to tears & shouted "shut up and take my money!" while watching the demo videos before I bought it. #designgeek #thankyoufortakingmymoney

I bought a portable electric tea kettle when I was a sophomore in college. That was in 2006, and it still works today in 2023. I hope my Hibear water bottle lasts 5ever.

Sherry Cyr
accessory bag

I had ordered it with the accessory pkg. Unfortunately, I guess you ran out of the bag. We at least got the accessories and flask. I'd really like to get just the bag now. ??

Monica Cox
Great tea infuser

I love this Night Hike. I bought it for camping because of its versatility. But now I use it at home for my morning tea. Who says I have to use a “teapot”!!!

Lauren Ryals

Love it

Daria Gardynik
Great Chai container

Fine strainer for tea. Should have instructions for use of each use.

Artist Series (V3)

Did someone say road trip? Hell yeah we did. Introducing the Road Trippin' AF by DRP. Time to get on that quintessential cross continental pilgrimage and bring your "A" game to beverage crafting with the Adventure Flask.

Craft all of your favorite beverages in the 32 oz. All-Day Adventure Flask. Voted "Best Tailgating Gear of 2022" by Outside Magazine. Hibear’s versatile, insulated, easy-to-clean, and rugged utility bottle is designed to make everything from cold brew to tea to cocktails, yet it's simple enough to use as an everyday water bottle.

Wondering how? Demystify the flask here.

This drawing is based on the trip David, his wife and their dog took across the country in the Spring of 2021. They spent time in Moab and Zion, then headed to Joshua Tree and Death Valley. They then headed to the coast of California for some surfing with our friends, then went up to Oregon for a month to do more camping, hiking, fishing, and surfing with even more friends.

David Rollyn Powell is an illustrator & graphic designer based out of Minnesota. He has been a freelance artist for five years now, and it all started when his wife and he moved back to Minnesota from Oregon. They were building out their van that they were planning to take on trips across the country, and David needed a job that would allow him to work from anywhere. So he jumped into the world of freelancing and had a lot of opportunities come his way, working with some of the coolest brands in the outdoor industry. Now David, his wife Morna, and their dog (Trout) take our van across the country for a couple of months at a time to surf, climb, fish and enjoy the west.

Keep it simple.

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