Hibear Designs: All-Day Adventure Flask - Earth’s most versatile, insulated, easy to clean, rugged adventure utility bottle - craft cold brew to cocktails, yet simple enough to use as your everyday water bottle
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Designs Inspired by Adventure, Perfected with Experience.

The Hibear team committed to fueling adventure with thoughtful design.

Mark Tsigounis
Mark TsigounisFounder
Mark is the founder of Hibear Co. and the creator of the Everyday Flask. He lives to inspire a life of experience and fuel adventure with thoughtful design. Because life’s just better outside with friends and coffee. He loves hugs, trees, hugging trees, is an Appalachian Trail through-hiker, two-time Ironman, ultrarunner, and USN Veteran. When he is not getting lost in the woods he is romancing his wife at home with his subpar guitar skills.
Terry Hahn
Terry HahnGraphic Design
Monkey Soup was born out of a combination of all things creative. With a resume consisting of teaching, business ownership, mural painting, illustration, fine art, graphic design, web design and development, UI/UX, vinyl collection, cooking, the concept of “soup” became quite evident. An amalgamation of talents and interests, stewing and simmering together to create unique profiles that appeal to a broad range of audiences. Why “Monkey” Soup? Well… monkeys are just plain funny.
Matic Lenarsic
Matic LenarsicProduct Designer
Matic Lenarsic is a product designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He started as an engineering student working in Laboratory of aeronautics at the University of Ljubljana. Among the projects there, he led a team who took 1st and 4th place among more than 80 universities from all over the world. Together with two partners and friends, he founded Tak kolektiv – design association based in Ljubljana. Tak kolektiv is now working in the fields of product design, visual communications, spaces, services, and experiences.

We Thrive to Simplify Travel, So You Can Get Out & Enjoy More of It.

We want to help you drop what you’re doing and escape, even if only for a cup coffee.

World Class Design Team

We assembled some of the best new up and coming designers to bring a product designed to follow you around the world.

For Travelers By Travelers

Like you, we live for the road. We came together as a group of outdoors enthusiasts to create functional products for you in motion.

Climb High

We believe in a simpler way of life to enjoy with friends and kickass adventures. We build the things to bridge that gap.

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